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Spaces below the Hyoid Bone The following are the spaces below the hyoid bone (Fig. 1-28A&B, Fig. 1-30): Visceral compartment (of Stiles) Carotid sheath (see "Carotid Sheath" under "Deep Fascia" in this chapter) Space between the prevertebral and alar fasciae, the danger space of Grodinsky and Holyoke37 (see "Prevertebral Layer" under "Deep Fascia" in this chapter) The suprasternal space, or space of Burns. Visceral Compartment The boundaries of the visceral compartment of the neck (the space of Stiles) (Fig.

Diagrammatic representation of both common carotid arteries (posterior view). (Modified from Montgomery RL. Head and Neck Anatomy: With Clinical Correlations. ) Fig. 1-34. Common carotid artery and internal and external carotid arteries. (Modified from Montgomery RL. Head and Neck Anatomy: With Clinical Correlations. ) General Topography The common carotid artery can be divided arbitrarily into three parts: inferior, middle and superior. The inferior part is behind the sternoclavicular joint on the right, and is intrathoracic on the left.

In this area, a penetrating neck wound with division of the vein can allow air to be sucked into the vein because the deep fascia is fixed firmly to the venous wall, thereby keeping the lumen of the vein open. During inspiration a fatal air embolism may take place. Remember, there are three topographic features in the vicinity of the supraclavicular triangle region of the "careful" part of the posterior triangle. The interscalene groove and the supraclavicular fossa are present within the triangle; the infraclavicular fossa is located just under the middle one-third of the clavicle, outside of the posterior triangle (Figs.

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