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By Dan Simmons

In the summertime of 1960 in Elm Haven, Illinois, a sinister being is stalking the town's teenagers, and while a long-silent bell peals in the center of the evening, the townfolk comprehend it marks the tip of innocence. Reprint. PW.

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In a day or two, they'd be boarding up this big old shithouse of a school. Then they'd be tearing it down. Why would Van Syke care? Tubby kicked away with a fury he seldom showed, putting all the frustration of five years of suffering, even in kindergarten, and being called a "slow student" in this rotten heap of a school. Five years as a "behavior problem" having to sit there, tucked up close to old bags like Mrs. Grossaint and Mrs. Howe and Mrs. Farris, his desk rammed up right next to theirs so they could "keep an eye on him" so that he had to smell their old-lady stink and listen to their old-lady voices and put up with their old-lady rules .

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