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When Sharon Li without warning discovers she's a shaman, it's no longer a second too quickly: London's soul is misplaced. utilizing her newfound oneness with town, she units approximately saving London from inevitable loss of life, however the challenge is she has no clue the place to begin. in the meantime, a mysterious gate has opened, and there are creatures free that won't look forward to her to trap up earlier than they exit looking. Now Sharon and her motley workforce of magical misfits needs to have the option to save lots of the world...

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And yet, having shown us Criseyde’s change of heart as a slow process of incremental adjustment, in the very next stanza Chaucer re-presents it with a brutal abruptness of style that becomes a characterisation of the deed itself: The morwen com, and gostly for to speke, This Diomede is come unto Criseyde; And shortly, lest that ye my tale breke, So wel he for hymselven spak and seyde That alle hire sikes soore adown he leyde; And finaly, the sothe for to seyne, He refte hire of the grete of al hire peyne.

Foryeveth it me, and that I yow biseche. The wise Plato seith, as ye may rede, The word moot nede accorde with the dede. If men shal telle proprely a thyng, The word moot cosyn be to the werkyng. I am a boystous man, right thus seye I: Ther nys no difference, trewely, Bitwixe a wyf that is of heigh degree, If of hir body dishonest she bee, And a povre wenche, oother than this – If it so be they werke bothe amys – But that the gentile, in estaat above, She shal be cleped his lady, as in love; And for that oother is a povre womman, She shal be cleped his wenche or his lemman.

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