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By Archibald H. Sayce, R. Peterson

In response to illustrations from the partitions of Egyptian temples and tombs, this quantity offers proof of the actual visual appeal of the founders of the Egyptian and Biblical civilizations. Egyptians appear to have been acutely aware of the actual features that uncommon varied peoples and races, and mirrored this of their work. sleek readers might be shocked to benefit that Libyans and the pre-Israelite population of Canaan have been depicted as having reasonable hair and light-weight eyes, whereas Semites have been portrayed with black hair, darkish eyes and widespread Armenoid noses. Blacks have been additionally effectively portrayed, and the distinction that extraordinary Nubians and sub-Saharan blacks from Egyptians is obviously printed in different work corresponding to those who painting Egyptian guards transporting Negro and Nubian slaves northwards down the Nile. actual anthropology can also be mentioned in mild of Biblical culture.
Chapters comprise: creation - Race and background - The learn of Race - The 10th bankruptcy of Genesis - The Egyptians - Cush - Nubia and Lands to the South - The Semites - The Peoples of Canaan - past Palestine - North Africa and Europe - end
Based at the unique by means of A.H. Sayce, edited and up to date through R. Peterson.
Paperback, one hundred forty four pages. Illustrated with forty three figures; one map.

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They are also found in anci ent Egypt. The mummy of Ramesses II makes it probable Ihat the oppressor of the Israelites had red hair. _ The Ancient Egyptians, somewhat like the modern f~/u'hi" or peasantsof today, were well-proportioned and muscular, with delicate F(gllre 6: Two early Egyptian (Vth dynasty) portraits. from Ghiza, The feature. displayed here. nd yurs later. The shape of the eye is • standardized form whlch for 50me rea50n IInknowt! dynastic times Ibe populatioo of lhe drcum_ Mediterranean londs was more distinctly Europoid in type than are lbe oontemporary.

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