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By Richard M. Lerner

To what quantity are humans able to altering their actual features and behavioural styles over the process their lives? this question has engaged scientists for many years: the basic factor is plasticity. during this wide-ranging ebook, Richard Lerner explores the appropriate thought and empirical proof in various disciplines: molecular genetics, neuroanatomy, neurochemistry, evolutionary biology, anthropology, comparative and developmental psychology, and sociology. The methods studied via every one of those disciplines express proof of plasticity. Conclusions approximately plasticity have very important implications for interventions geared toward bettering human existence, in addition to for destiny learn agendas. at the Nature of Human Plasticity may be a precious source for all these scientists concerned about human improvement at organic and social degrees and for his or her scholars.

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Brown, Kovanen, and Goldstein (1981) report that the lipoprotein transport system holds the key to understanding the mechanisms by which genes, hormones, and human dietary habits interact to regulate the plasma cholesterol level in humans. Crucial components of this system are lipoprotein receptors in liver and other tissues, which mediate the uptake and degradation of cholesterol-carrying lipoproteins. The number of lipoprotein receptors, and hence the efficiency of disposal of plasma cholesterol, can be increased by cholesterol-lowering drugs.

1982, p. 682). Commenting on the implications of this work, Hood (in Marx, 1982a, p. " The success to date of such techniques relies on the plasticity of eukaryotic genetic matter; thus, rather than there being a gene for plasticity (Wilson, 1975), genes, their components, and their processes as well are plastic. For example, although only 1 percent of the human genome has been mapped, Gene marking, recombinant DNA technology, gene transfer 37 it is already possible to palliate some genetic diseases pharmacologically or by environmental manipulation, and in the near future the antenatal repair of a flawed genome may be possible (McKusick, 1981).

Recent evidence of genetic mobility indicates that genes can "jump" across species' barriers, even in higher organisms. For example, Benveniste and Todaro (1982) report that retroviral genes can be transferred under natural conditions between distantly related mammals, incorporated into their germ lines, and be subsequently inherited as cellular genes. The first example showed that the baboon type C viruses.. were incorporated into the germ line of cats, where they are present in 10 to 50 copies per haploid genome, and are inherited in the same Mendelian fashion as other cellular genes.

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