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3. 1 Stretch-out operation Stretch-out operation is necessary to optimize the timing of unit shutdowns. Studies have limited their duration to 40 equivalent full power days (EFPD) in MOX management, except during the first transitional cycle (60 EFPD, as for UO2 management). Figure 2 shows that this flexibility has been fully exploited in both MOX of UO2 management. The limit of 40 EFPD has been extended to 60 EFPD in hybrid MOX management, as the IPG phenomenon which was behind it no longer appears to be a limiting factor with MOX.

General experience MOX fuel was first loaded into a reactor at St Laurent Bl in 1987. The experience feedback from the management of MOX fuel involves more than 25 completed, or almost completed, irradiation cycles in 7 reactors : Saint Laurent B1/B2, Gravelines 3/4, Dampierre 1, Dampierre 2 (first MOX loading : late 1993) and Blayais 2 (1994). These two last reactors were loaded with hydrid MOX fuel management (1/3 core for MOX fuel, 1/4 core for uranium fuel). An increasing number of reactors is set to be opened up to MOX loading as the MELOX plant comes progressively on stream through 1996/97.

Dissolution test is performed on all pellet batches to ensure compliance of reprocessing requirements. For the fabrication of the fuel rods, qualification of the TIG welding machine and its operation were carried out as per the QC plan. The welded fuel rods were subjected to contamination check, helium leak testing, visual examination, metrology, X-radiography, gamma scanning and gamma auto-radiography. The fuel assemblies were constituted from the accepted rods and subjected to various QC checks prior to shipping to TAPS.

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