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By Wayne Adams

Necessities of WRAML2 and TOMAL-2 evaluate introduces pros to those frequent reminiscence size batteries, either one of which degree reminiscence and are used to complement reviews of ADHD and interpreting difficulties in kids, in addition to a few different issues around the age span. Written via Wayne Adams and Cecil Reynolds, this crucial reference presents management directions, together with procedural feedback and ideas for universal difficulties examiners may well come upon; professional evaluation of every test?s relative strengths and weaknesses; priceless suggestion on scientific purposes; and illuminating case reviews.

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Among psychology graduate students, this is often the most challenging of the WRAML2 subtests to learn to administer. Number Letter Subtest Domain Assessed This subtest evaluates a client’s ability to remember sequential, rote auditory information using the familiar digit-span format, although this task uses letters as well as digits. Such memory demands are made when an acquaintance provides a new phone number and you try to remember it until it gets written down. Subtest Procedure The Number Letter subtest requires the participant to repeat a sequence of single digits and letters orally presented by the examiner.

Tables for all indexes include standard scores (M = 100, SD = 15) and confidence intervals; tables are also provided for all subtests and allow conversion of raw scores to scaled scores (M = 10, SD = 3). Percentile and stanine conversion tables are also provided. Age equivalents are also given for clients, but only up to age 14 years, since, as descriptors, age equivalent scores become increasingly less meaningful after childhood. Intrabattery subtest and index discrepancy tables are also provided for determining differences that constitute statistical significance as well as prevalence data for those differences.

In a sense, all subtests are a quantitative analysis of a qualitative impression. The scores provided for WRAML2 Qualitative Analyses are scaled scores whenever psychometrically justified. Otherwise, or in addition, cut-off scores are provided based on prevalence rates. All of the more than 20 qualitative analyses are related directly to the four Visual and Verbal Memory Core subtests, or to an optional subtest that itself relates to one of these four core subtests. The good news is that few of the Qualitative Analyses require more work with the client.

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