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By K., Ph.D. Sembulingam, Prema, Ph.D. Sembulingam

Body structure is the main attention-grabbing and old department of technological know-how. it really is interesting simply because, it unfolds the secret of advanced sensible points of person organs within the physique. it's historic simply because, it exists ever because the beginning of existence. Even prior to figuring out the language, tradition and society, guy knew in regards to the starvation, thirst, ache and worry

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Storage and metabolism of calcium. In skeletal muscle ¿EHUVLWUHOHDVHVFDOFLXPZKLFKLVQHFHVVDU\WRWULJJHU 2. Degradation of worn-out organelles the muscle contraction. &DWDEROLVPDQGGHWR[L¿FDWLRQ nelles like mitochondria. It wraps itself around the worn- Smooth endoplasmic reticulum is also concerned out organelles and forms a vacuole which is often called ZLWK FDWDEROLVP DQG GHWR[L¿FDWLRQ RI WR[LF VXEVWDQFHV the autophagosome. Autophagosome is digested by like some drugs and carcinogens (cancer-producing lysosomal enzymes (see below for details).

Activated caspases digest the proteins of cytoskeleton and the cell shrinks and becomes round 2. Because of shrinkage, the cell losses the contact with neighboring cells or surrounding matrix 3. Chromatin in the nucleus undergoes degradation and condensation 4. Nuclear membrane becomes discontinuous and the '1$LQVLGHQXFOHXVLVFOHDYHGLQWRVPDOOIUDJPHQWV  )ROORZLQJ WKH GHJUDGDWLRQ RI '1$ WKH QXFOHXV breaks into many discrete nucleosomal units, which are also called chromatin bodies 6.

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