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By Charles Platt

Need to know tips to use an digital part? This moment publication of a three-volume set contains key info on electronics components to your projects—complete with images, schematics, and diagrams. You’ll study what every one does, the way it works, why it’s valuable, and what editions exist. regardless of how a lot you recognize approximately electronics, you’ll locate attention-grabbing information you’ve by no means encounter before.

Perfect for lecturers, hobbyists, engineers, and scholars of every age, this reference places trustworthy, fact-checked details correct at your fingertips—whether you’re clean your reminiscence or exploring an element for the 1st time. novices will speedy grab very important innovations, and more matured clients will locate the categorical info their tasks require.

Volume 2 covers sign processing, together with diodes, transistors, chips, mild, warmth, and sound emitters.

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Encyclopedia of Electronic Components Volume 2 discrete semiconductor > thyristor > diac Variants • Because this circuit uses 115VAC, basic precautions should be taken. The fuse should not be omitted, the capacitor should be rated for at least 50V, and the circuit should not be touched while it is connected to the power source. Breadboarding a circuit using this voltage requires caution and experience, as wires can easily come loose, and components can be touched accidentally while they are live.

In practice, the SCR is intended to respond to a positive gate voltage. Under these circumstances, its behavior is shown by the solid curve in the top-right quadrant in Figure 1-8. The SCR begins to conduct current without having to reach the breakover voltage at the anode. • When used as it is intended, the SCR should not reach breakdown or breakover voltage levels. SCR Concept Demo In Figure 1-9, pushbutton S1 applies voltage to the gate of the SCR, which puts the SCR in selfsustaining conductive mode.

Other types of thyristor are the SCR (silicon-controlled rectifier) and the diac, each of which has its own entry in this encyclopedia. Thyristor variants that are not so widely used, such as the gate turn-off thyristor (GTO) and silicon-controlled switch (SCS), do not have entries here. OTHER RELATED COMPONENTS • SCR (see Chapter 1) • diac (see Chapter 2) What It Does The triac is ubiquitous in AC dimmers for incandescent lamps. It is also used to control the speed of AC motors and the output of resistive heating elements.

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