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By James Barclay

One other action-packed event from the recent grasp of myth. The Raven shuttle to a brand new continent looking for mages to aid the ruined university of Julatsa rebuild and locate themselves in the course of an historical curse--a curse that has unleashed an endemic that threatens to wipe out the elven race. Barclay excels with one other story that pitches The Raven opposed to the clock and unseen foes. jam-packed with determined fights and mystery betrayals, the tale additionally fills in additional of Balaia's heritage and delves deeper into the traditional emnities among the universities. Barclay has created a superbly attractive workforce of heroes, and with each publication their background grows and the land they reside in turns into wider and richer. this is often landmark myth within the making.

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Already, survivors were stumbling towards them from the crosspath, bloodied and angry. ‘Back away,’ said The Unknown, pushing her gently in the right direction. ’ They’d been seen. Four men with swords ready. Brief guilt surged through The Unknown at the position he’d placed his family in. Others might have been ignored as Arlen townsfolk, but the shaven head, bull neck and sheer size of The Unknown Warrior made him instantly recognisable. And every Dordovan knew with whom he had fought on Herendeneth.

You’ll do as I say. ’ He lunged forward, striking left to right, blade weight beating aside a weak defence and nicking through leather. The target fell back; The Unknown did likewise. The rest closed, scant feet from him now but unwilling to attack. They were a disparate group, not under command. Maybe. Just maybe. Consternation rippled through the Dordovan line to his left. ForceCones flew out from the Xeteskian mages, scattering Dordovans behind the front. Two of his attackers fell. A heavy detonation sounded.

He fixed Hirad with a wary stare which the barbarian returned with a chuckle. The Unknown enveloped his family in one arm, pulling them close. ‘Well, we’ve not had the luxury of relaxing in the sun these last two seasons,’ he said. ’ ‘It’s not been quite like that,’ said Hirad. ‘I’m sure it hasn’t,’ said The Unknown. ‘I’m forgetting my manners,’ said Hirad. He leant forward and kissed Diera on the cheek then stroked Jonas’s head. ‘Good to see you, Diera. ’ Diera smiled and looked down at her son’s completely bald head.

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