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By Sharon Shinn, Rebecca York, Carol Berg, Jean Johnson

4 all-new tales of romance, delusion, and usual appeal. From wizards to weathermen, many understand the powers of the 4 elements-natural forces which could direct the fates, swap future, and unite enthusiasts within the such a lot unforeseen methods. Now, these magical elements-air, hearth, water, and earth-come jointly in ideal stability, and a superbly designated romance anthology, from 4 charmed authors. In Air locate romance in a breathless retelling of the Cinderella delusion from award-winning Sharon Shinn, "an extraordinary writing talent"(Best Reviews). In fireplace blazes experience in a parallel size of werewolves and love-slaves from united states this present day bestselling Rebecca York, "a actual grasp" (Rave Reviews). In Water is living fable and a notable universe of magic, demons, and unsafe ardour from "thoroughly unique" (Starburst) award-winner Carol Berg. And in Earth become aware of the final word in profound excitement from Jean Johnson, "a clean new voice in delusion romance" (Robin D. Owens).

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I bought you and took you to my bed. " The tears in her eyes spilled over, and her shoulders began to shake. " he asked. " she managed to get out. If her life had continued in the old way, she would have been sold by her parents—to a noble of their choosing. She might have been married to a partner she hated. But she knew Griffin was a good man. She'd gotten to know him, and her feelings for him were very strong. Maybe she had fallen in love with him. But she didn't think he'd believe it if she told him.

She felt herself blushing at his blatant stare. "You're… embarrassing me," she whispered. "Why? Your body is very beautiful," he murmured. " she asked in a shaky voice. " Before she could stop herself, she asked, "Were you looking at me that first night I was here in Sun Acres? " He looked momentarily like a boy who'd been caught with his hand in a cookie jar, but he recovered quickly. "Yes. " He began to touch her, watching his fingers make her nipples contract. He slid his hand lower, his gaze following along as he circled her navel, then skimmed into the blond triangle of hair, tangling his fingers in the springy curls.

Once inside the reception room, she closed the door behind her, holding up her lamp as she looked around. The courtyard was dark and silent. But as she strained her eyes and ears, she heard a low, anguished sound coming from a doorway opposite the bedroom. The hair on the back of her neck prickled, and she wanted to turn and run. But this might be her chance to get the information Alroy had demanded. Or her chance for… for what? She wasn't sure, and she didn't dare give voice to her half-formed thoughts.

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