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By Mark Clifton

No longer lengthy after the colonists landed at the uninhabited planet, each human-made artifact -- send, communicators, instruments -- disappeared! Even their outfits! this is a charming alien-planet puzzle from the fellow author, critic and Nebula award winner Barry

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The department supervisor hovered near the back of the operator's chair, breathing down his neck. He gnawed at the knuckles of his hand, and hoped nothing would go wrong this time. That astronavigator, Louie LeBeau, was probably right. Those colonists had turned nudist, and were afraid to report what they'd done back to Earth! Well! He looked around guiltily, wondering if he'd exclaimed it aloud. He decided he hadn't. If he were out there, instead of that E, he'd make them put their clothes back on, on the double.

That leaves McGinnis, who, I believe, is spending his time working on the defense against the injunction by Gunderson. An example of the way petty restrictions can bring a fine mind down to trivial problems. ” “Please,” Cal said. ” “Sure, E Gray, sure,” Hayes answered. “I'm flashing the operator to locate McGinnis. Seen anything of the police ship, yet? ” “I'm sure it will be a big help,” Cal said drily. ” McGinnis came on at that point. “I'm not yelling for help, yet,” Cal told him. ” He sketched in the details, and heard a sharp gasp at the other end from Hayes.

Cal suddenly realized he was glad to take the strain from his legs, as if he had been maintaining stance through sheer will. “It is a poor greeting to visitors from home,” Ahmed spoke up, then cleared his voice in surprise to hear himself speaking. ” “Cain't have no fire,” Dawkins explained. ” He picked up two dead twigs laying on the ground near him. He began rubbing them together, in the ancient way of creating fire. The two sticks flew apart and out of his hands. “Try it,” he invited Cal. Curious, even unbelieving, Cal picked up two broken branches.

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