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By Todd J. McCaffrey

Todd McCaffrey’s first solo novel within the vintage Dragonriders of Pern sequence, Dragonsblood, used to be hailed via critics and embraced through the numerous committed readers of the landmark technology fiction saga created by way of his mom, Anne McCaffrey. Now the chronicles of Pern take one other desirable flip because the embattled planet, the courageous pioneers who name it domestic, and the great flame-breathing creatures who fly excessive to guard it confront a dire new challenge.The grim specter of ailment looms over the Weyrs of Pern, felling fire-lizards and posing a in all probability devastating risk to their dragon cousins, Pern’s sole safeguard opposed to the lethal phenomenon that's Thread. Fiona, the youngest and purely surviving daughter of Lord Bemin, is simply coming of age, and approximately to imagine the tasks of a Weyrwoman, while be aware spreads that dragons have certainly all started succumbing to the hot contagion. With the following season of Threadfall fast drawing close, and the already decreased ranks of the dragons once again less than siege, each Weyr throughout Pern is in drawback mode. it truly is rarely the time for annoying distractions–such because the unusual voice Fiona abruptly hears in her brain on the darkest and so much pressing moments. conditions and the temper of the weyrfolk aggravate while increase patrols relay the scary information that black dust–the unmistakable bring in of falling Thread–has been sighted. As extra dragons sicken and die, leaving just a new new release of weyrlings too younger to be successful them, Weyrleader B’Nik and queen rider Lorana arrive from Benden Weyr to sweep castle Weyr’s information in a determined look for clues from the earlier which may carry the answer to the plague. yet may perhaps the particular earlier itself turn out the pathway to salvation for Pern’s troubled dragons and the total imperiled planet? Guided through a mysterious best friend from a totally unforeseen position, and trusting within the special dragon present for transcending time, Fiona will sign up for a dicy excursion with far-reaching results for either Pern’s destiny and her own future.

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It’s not all the weyrlings,” K’lior remarked to Cisca over dinner on the seventh day. Cisca raised an eyebrow to indicate her interest. “Some of them behave no different than any other weyrlings I’ve seen,” K’lior said. “And you’ve seen so many,” Cisca snapped. K’lior shrugged. He’d barely finished his weyrling training himself when his Rineth had flown Cisca’s Melirth and he’d become Weyrleader. “Even so,” K’lior persisted. “It’s not so much that I’ve seen so many weyrlings as that I knew some of these weyrlings particularly well—” “You played with them not all that long ago,” Cisca interjected.

K’lior asked incredulously. “She’s in shock, she’s grieving,” Cisca told him. ” K’lior nodded then. “I’d like to talk with the weyrfolk in the morning,” he said. ” Cisca nodded abstractedly. ” K’lior said. ” “I don’t know how else she could behave, given the news,” K’lior replied. ” K’lior asked, suddenly alarmed. ” She frowned, mulling the notion over, then shook her head. ” “And distracted,” K’lior agreed. ” Cisca asked, amused. It was almost tradition that every Weyrlingmaster was convinced that the latest group of weyrlings was the worst ever.

You can send Jokester to check on me—” Catching herself, she gestured lovingly down to the gold queen beside her. ” “It’s just that—” “You must get back to the Hold, Father,” Fiona told him firmly. “I’ll be fine—” She paused, raising her hand to stifle a yawn. ” “You look exhausted,” Bemin said, glancing to the Weyrleader and Weyrwoman for support. “A late night and a stressful day,” Fiona assured him, again stifling a yawn. She smiled ruefully down at Talenth. ” Lord Bemin gave his daughter one final, worried look.

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