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By Herbert Spiegelberg

Herbert Spiegelberg. Doing Phenomenology: Essays on and in Phenomenology. The Hague: Nijhoff, 1975. 320 Pages (Phaenomenologica, Vol. sixty three)

From the author's Introduction: The name of this ebook demands an instantaneous rationalization. The word “doing phenomenology” is obviously a personal loan from the arsenal of analytical philosophy. Its implication is that phenomenology should be practiced in a manner similar to the best way analytical philosophy is “done”. i need to illustrate this the following. i'd even prefer to express that phenomenology is itself one of those analytical philosophy. in simple terms it truly is greater than research, in particular research of language.
This isn't really a very new publication. What i'm supplying the following is composed regularly of essays released over approximately 40 years in scattered areas, a few basically in German. what's new approximately them is mainly the recent development i've got imposed on them. It attempts to make new experience of the outdated fabric. despite the fact that, this additionally calls for the addition of a number of unpublished items, which I held again for maturing. crucial of those are the 2 facing "Ways into Phenomenology" and the single on “Criteria in Phenomenology”. therefore, whereas this quantity is a suite it's a assortment with a distinction in response to the recent context within which the elements are so as to add as much as greater than, their sum.

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In this connection an attempt is made to make the participants aware of what is often called the intentional structure of such experiences, such as the aspects and ways of appearing of such phenomena as transparent objects or passing melodies. Up to this point no attempt is made to develop what is easily the biggest stumbling block in the phenomenological methodology, the so-called essential intuition or insight into general essential structures (Wesensschau). While a responsible phenomenological intuition presupposes the thorough study of particular phenomena as examples, the transition to such general insights is by no means simple.

Yet, phenomenology wants to be morfe than a rtiere return to the things, as free as possible from conceptual presuppositions. " Take as an example what we really see of a human being when we first meet· him. We may begin with his physical characteristics, though most of them are usually concealed by his clothing, and continue with his personal qualities of which we can see at first only very little and indirectly. This is doubly true of his inner life world. Now such seeing is obviously much more than a passive gaping.

Out the distiqetive "essence" of phenomenology by confronting, it;: with some of its philosophical neighbors. In contrast to positivism and traditional empiricism, from which Brentano had started out and with-which phenomenology shares the unconditional respect for the positive data of experience ("We are the true positivists," Husserl claimed in his Ideen), phenomenology does not restrict t^hese data to the range of. , ^s long as they present themselves intuitively. Consequently phenomenology does npt reject universais and recognizes, in.

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