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Measured scattering intensity {I }(s12 , s3 , ρf ) (top row) and reconstructed scattering I (s12 , s3 , ρf ) (bottom row) for short distances ρf from the fiber axis. 1 nm−1 in uniform logarithmic scale (s = (2/λ) sin θ). the strand shows an isotropic long period and an equatorial streak at almost every beam position (Fig. 6, top row). Only the tomographically reconstructed patterns (bottom row) exhibit that the long-period ring-reflection is not present in the core of the fiber. As the feature becomes visible, it first shows up at the equator.

Hammouda, B. pdf. 36 B. Hammouda 2. Yun, S. ; Melnichenko, Y. ; Wignall, G. ; Britt, P. ; Mays, J. W. “Solution properties of 1,3-cyclohexadiene polymers by laser light scattering and small-angle neutron scattering,” Macromolecules, 2006, 39, 897–899. 3. Hammouda, B. “Solvation characteristics of a model water-soluble polymer,” Journal of Polymer Science: Part B: Polymer Physics, 2006, 44, 3195–3199. 4. , Ho, D. L. “Insight into chain dimensions in PEO/water solutions,” Journal of Polymer Science: Part B: Polymer Physics, 2007, 45, 2196–2200.

Such an experiment is completed in about 30 min. Moreover, compared to the general tomography the mathematics of image reconstruction is simplified considerably and the computational effort decreases by 5 orders of magnitude. A set of 40 measured scattering patterns is reconstructed in typically less than 10 min. From medicine and other fields of science the considerable potential of information increase after tomographic imaging is well-known. In a general tomographic X-ray experiment,29 a voluminous sample is scanned by a thin X-ray beam.

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