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In this thesis, the writer develops new high-power millimeter wave innovations for measuring the hyperfine constitution of positronium (Ps-HFS) at once for the 1st time on the planet. oblique dimension of Ps-HFS within the literature may have systematic uncertainties concerning using a static magnetic box. improvement of the millimeter wave units helps the appropriate choice of Ps-HFS through at once measuring the Breit-Wigner resonant transition from o-Ps to p-Ps with out the magnetic box. even as, the width of the measured Breit-Wigner resonance at once presents the life of p-Ps. This dimension is the 1st exact spectroscopic scan concerning the magnetic dipole transition and high-power millimeter waves. the advance of a gyrotron and a Fabry-Pérot hollow space is defined as delivering a good energy of over 20 kW, that's required to reason the direct transition from o-Ps to p-Ps. these values measured via the newly built millimeter wave gadget pave the way in which for studying the discrepancy saw among traditional oblique experiments on Ps-HFS and the theoretical predictions of Quantum Electrodynamics.

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13 shows a schematic of a thin gold film with many holes forming the mesh pattern. The line width is a and the gap interval is g. 47 mm and the periodic array of holes prevent diffraction losses of the Gaussian beam. 18 µm) and is thin enough to reduce the Ohmic losses when a millimeter wave passes through it. The mesh itself was too thin to be free-standing and therefore was put on a substrate of thickness, tSub, using photo-lithography and a liftoff technique. Highresistivity silicon was selected as base material because its thermal conductivity (150 WK−1 m−1 ) enables adequate cooling power with water cooling.

The left plot in figure in Fig. 23 shows a typical result of the increasing temperature of the water. 36) where t0 is the start time, T0 the initial temperature, Tinf the asymptotic temperature after a long time, and α a constant that determines the velocity of the thermal diffusion. 95 is the transmittance of the Teflon box and the duty ratio is divided by 2, corresponding to chopping. In Fig. 23, Pin = 280 W. The systematic uncertainties in this measurement were estimated as follows: • • • • The reflectivity of the Teflon box is 5/95 %.

34 Time spectra of the increase in the positronium formation in 1 atm nitrogen gas by millimeter wave radiation.

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