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By Russell T. Hurlburt, Eric Schwitzgebel

"In the Socratic discussion culture hired through Plato and through Galileo for studying clinical questions and the suitability of recent equipment for facts assortment, this can be a tough contribution. will we circulate past the discredited introspectionism of early stories of wide awake adventure with a process just like the systematic experience-sampling equipment that experience emerged long ago 4 a long time? Investigators of the problems of measuring ongoing suggestion and neuroscientists utilizing mind imaging know-how to review the character of human making plans, wishing and reminiscing will enjoy the cautious analyses provided by way of the authors."--Jerome L. Singer, Professor Emeritus of Psychology, Yale college (Jerome Singer )

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Another researcher assumes that verbal experience always exists, and asks about the characteristics of verbal experience. Our DES research shows that there is no form of inner experience that comes anywhere close to always existing; if that’s true, the assumptions of all those researchers are incorrect, and therefore their results are problematic. It is possible to have a particular interest (say, in images) and still ask open-beginninged questions. You ask, in an open-beginninged way, what was going on at this moment.

All 16 involved visual images, with no other aspects of experience reliably available to be reported—no feelings, no inner speech, no bodily sensations, etc. All Robert’s images were seen clearly and in accurate colour, with the centre of the image being most clear and losing focus at the periphery, apparently exactly the same as his real-world perception. . Robert’s samples were marked by the absence of any characteristics of inner experience except images. Except for the imagined sensation of a cat scratch on the back of his hand in one sample of an image of a cat, no samples included inner speech, feelings, bodily sensations, or other features of inner experience that have been reported by other subjects.

She telephoned me a few hours later to report that to her surprise, her coworkers did in fact report the experience of alternation. Thus it seemed clear that Fran understood what figure-ground phenomena are and was capable of describing them if they had existed for her. Fourth, the descriptive experience sampling descriptions of Fran’s inner experience provided plausible explanations of two characteristics of her external behavior. First, during Fran’s discovery of her coworkers’ figure-ground phenomenon, the coworkers came to realize, much to their surprise, that Fran could pay attention to many aspects of one thing or many different things simultaneously (such as her frequent multiple images), as had been discovered by descriptive experience sampling.

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