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By James Barclay

This is often THE END.... The dragons have long past domestic, the elves are secure. The Raven have stored their can provide. yet destiny has now not accomplished with them. because the warfare among the schools rages on, an outdated enemy senses that his probability to revenge a sour defeat has come. Tessaya, Lord of the Paleon Tribes, has waited patiently for his second and now, with Balaia in flames, he makes his movement and unleashes the Wesmen hordes. In Xetesk, his forces scattered, Dystran, Lord of the Mount, faces yes defeat by way of the Wesmen except he unleashes the horrfying energy of dimensional magics. And Dystran has no longer come this some distance to be crushed on the final by way of a rabble of ignorant tribesmen. And so the veil among dimensions is torn.... And past, a predatory evil stirs. Demons trap the smell of numerous souls in Balaia.
Can even The Raven be successful whilst the area is coming to an finish? A myth milestone is reached. James Barclay brings his sensational saga of The Raven to a heart-stopping end.

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We can't just walk out there and kill them,' said Denser. ' Hirad jabbed a finger at Ferran. The farmer and his daughter had frozen at the exchange, their mouths slack and eyes widening. Their disbelief at what they were witnessing grew with every heartbeat. 'These people have been made to think that it's right that The Raven should take from them anything they want because of who they are. That's never been our way. It's a betrayal of all that we stand for. ' 'We were mercenaries too,' said Denser.

The Unknown was standing with Ferran. The farmer was frowning. ' The Unknown shook his head, smiling. ' 'We have tales to tell,' said Ferran. ' The Unknown looked across at Hirad, who shrugged. 'Yes, we are The Raven. Very different from the tales you've been told, I expect. ' Ferran's eyebrows raised. 'We've done all we can,' said Hirad. 'And there are too many out there who will thank us by having us locked up or executed. ' Around them, the crowd stood mute. Not quite believing what they were seeing, what they had heard, or what they were hearing right now.

A frown passed across Sharyr's face. 'Instability. Base level. ' To Dystran's right, a mage gasped with the effort, his teeth grinding. He swayed. Across the surface of the front, chaotic blue light surged and flashed. 'Spreading,' said Sharyr. 'Something's wrong. The alignment isn't firming, it's failing. How can that be . . ' 'No,' said Dystran. 'Believe. ' The top edge of the front rippled violently. Dystran was buffeted by a sudden howl of wind. From the opposite side of the tower, he heard a cry of pain.

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