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The Virgilian centos count on the avant-garde and wreck just like a staid, sober, and based classical global. This publication examines the twelve mythological and secular Virgilian centos that live to tell the tale from antiquity. The centos, within which authors take non-consecutive traces or segments of traces from the Eclogues, Georgics, and Aeneid and reconnect them to provide new poems, have bought restricted consciousness.


Translation: Didier Coste

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And she was not that far away. His mind shut down for a second or two and he panicked, thinking she would never find him if he lost consciousness again. He had to stay alive just a bit longer. “Here I am,” he whispered, his cracked lips bleeding. ” “Here’s one more ,” Dixon said and knelt down. “She must be a guard, too. ” “Matheny? ” Caitlin asked, wiping a hand over her sweaty face. They had found eleven bodies yet there was still a reading telling them there were two faint blips of life somewhere inside the cave.

When the time of the male’s puberty came upon him, he underwent his first Transition. He was thirteen Solar Passings by then and strong for a male of that age. He managed to break his leg chain and escape the medical facility, but he was discovered quickly. It took five warrioresses to bring him down and capture him, but not before two of them were slain, their throats ripped open by his unsheathed claws. Thrown into a cell created well in advance of this first Transitioning, the young Reaper was left to suffer his affliction without benefit of the much-needed Sustenance his kind requires.

The right window filled the screen and Caitlin leaned farther toward it. She scanned the short document. “It’s a Death Warrant,” she told the men. ” Wellmeyer snapped, jerking a thumb over his shoulder. “It appears so,” she replied, staring at the word that was undoubtedly her patient’s name. ” Jax asked. “Crimes against womanhood,” Wellmeyer snorted as he read the document over Caitlin’s shoulder. ” “What does that mean, I wonder? His crimes against womanhood,” Jax questioned. “Rape? ” “It could mean anything,” Caitlin replied and turned so she could look across the sick bay to the unconscious man.

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