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By Vinod B. Shidham MD, Barbara F. Atkinson MD

This new reference examines specimen processing of effusion fluids, detailing the stairs had to receive extra exact diagnoses whereas heading off universal pitfalls. A methodical, algorithmic method of the assessment and interpretation of specimens permits you to determine a definitive analysis in those usually tricky instances. basic good points - mixed with vast tables and algorithms - facilitate ease of interpretation, and highlighted info makes the main crucial techniques effortless to reference quickly.
* keep away from strength error in analysis with an entire bankruptcy that gives specialist ways to specimen assortment and processing.
* Arrive at extra exact diagnoses through step by step algorithms plus thousands of illustrations - together with a number of pictures for every phenomenon representing a huge variety of stains and magnifications.
* in achieving optimum diagnostic simple task by way of viewing correlations among Pap, Diff-Quick (Romanowsky), and immunocytochemical stain for all types of serous effusion.
* realize the adaptation in cellphone samples yielded after washing the serous hollow space with saline or balanced salt resolution as opposed to effusion fluid.
* comprehend the benefits and drawbacks of Pap stains as opposed to Diff-Quick stains in FNA evaluations.
* stay modern with the newest applied sciences resembling liquid established cytology (SurePathT) and ThinPrepT.
* simply observe ideas to real-life perform via reviewing specified histories.
* quick find the assistance you wish with a color-coded bankruptcy system.
* specialize in an important issues with undemanding highlighted packing containers.

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Does not coagulate Associated with increased permeability of the capillaries leading to exudation of proteinrich fluid a. 0 g/dL (30 g/L) or more b. 015 or more c. 6 d. May coagulate on standing Leakage of lymphatic fluid secondary to trauma or the obstructed thoracic duct or cisterna chyli, caused by malignant neoplasms including lymphomas and carcinomas a. Milky white fluid b. Wet preparation shows usually small free fat droplets Cytologic features Hypocellular smears Mostly mesothelial cells Hypercellular smears Predominantly inflammatory cells with reactive mesothelial cells with or without malignant cells The smears are rich in lymphocytes and some lipid-laden macrophages Causes 1.

This feature, although more common in reactive mesothelial cells, is highly nonspecific. 14). Cells in sheets These are a common finding in pelvic or peritoneal washings, but are rarely seen in effusions (see Chapter 7). Their presence is due to forcible detachment of the serosal membrane during operative incision or intraoperative lavages, or both. 8). 10) in effusions are likely to be the most important diagnostic pitfall. 4) associated with groups of reactive mesothelial cells in sheets in effusions are as follows: 1.

8). 10) in effusions are likely to be the most important diagnostic pitfall. 4) associated with groups of reactive mesothelial cells in sheets in effusions are as follows: 1. 26 Hepatomegaly related to congestive heart failure, leading to peritoneal effusion with exfoliation of sheets of reactive mesothelial cells from the surface of the congested liver. 3. 4. 5. Ischemic conditions such as pulmonary infarction, ischemic colitis, and occlusion of mesenteric blood vessels frequently show reactive changes in the serosal membranes surrounding the ischemic areas.

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