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By Eberhard Altenähr (auth.), H.-W. Altmann, K. Benirschke, A. Bohle, K. M. Brinkhous, P. Cohrs, H. Cottier, M. Eder, P. Gedigk, W. Giese, Chr. Hedinger, S. Iijima, W. H. Kirsten, I. Klatzo, K. Lennert, H. Meessen, W. Sandritter, G. Seifert, H. C. Stoerk, H.

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Cardiac Tumor Pathology

Cardiac tumors have been as soon as a nosographic entity of scarce medical curiosity as a result of the rarity and of the intrinsic diagnostic and healing impossibilities, and have been thought of a deadly morbid entity. It has now develop into a topical topic as a result of advances in scientific imaging (echo, magnetic resonance, computed tomography) in addition to innovation in applied sciences of in-vivo analysis.

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The large water-clear cells, extremely rich in glycogen, are rare. They contain few organelles and appear to be inactive. , 1970). Both terms describe the same type of cell: cells with numerous mitochondria occupying about 50 % of the cytoplasm. In addition, these cells contain a prominent rough endoplasmic reticulum, Golgi complex, and prosecretory and secretory granules. Some of these mitochondria, however, do show changes (Fig. 13 b): swelling, incorporation of fine granular material, large matrix granules, increased size up to giant mitochondria, structural changes of cristae with formation of lamellar and myelin-like structures.

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