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By Paul J. Ennis

In Continental Realism Paul Ennis tackles the increase of realist metaphysics in modern continental philosophy. Pitted opposed to the dominant antirealist and transcendental continental hegemony Ennis argues that continental pondering needs to identify an alliance among metaphysics, hypothesis, and realism if we're to actually come again to the issues themselves.

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If we cannot ask it, the world is a mystery despite our knowledge of the laws of nature. Affirming the presence of mystery is not irrationality. To the contrary, by bringing into the light the ways in which philosophical mysteries prevail with reason, we may dispel some of the confusions which surround them. This book is inspired by the conviction that there are not one or two fundamental mysteries and many simpler problems to which definitive answers can be found. Rather, there are many mysteriesso many that they possess no mystique; so common that we tolerate them in a spirit of wonder.

1 The suggestion is that a single question lies at the heart of philosophy, while of course there are many. Obedient to the central principle of plurality, I will not address the mystery of Being, as if one mystery takes precedence. Instead, I will examine several mysteries which look to Being for their origin. The mystery of Being is located in many other mysteries, some of which have straightforward resolutionsexcept that none dissipates the mystery entirely. Philosophic mysteries reside not amidst the absence of solutions, but where solutions are plentiful, each of which ought to be decisiveexcept that none is.

Nor should we expect them to be. For the question of what Page 5 constitutes a genuine problem may not be a genuine problem. The central thesis of my argument is that mostif not allimportant philosophical "problems" are not problems but mysteries. They admit either of simple solutions which are not quite acceptable or of exceedingly complex solutions which perpetuate difficulties. Philosophical controversies continue to haunt us as if the greatest of philosophers could make no headway against their complexities; or instead, as if mysteries remain despite the plausibility of proposed resolutions.

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