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By Gerry T. M. Altmann

Cognitive types of Speech Processing provides wide experiences of present considering on psycholinguistic and computational subject matters in speech acceptance and natural-language processing, besides a considerable physique of recent experimental facts and computational simulations. issues variety from lexical entry and the popularity of phrases in non-stop speech to syntactic processing and the dating among syntactic and intonational structure.A Bradford ebook. ACL-MIT Press sequence in ordinary Language Processing

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M. 1988. The recognition : Effectsof subsequent of wordsafter their acousticoffsetsin spontaneous speech 44 (5): 395- 408. andPsychophysics context. Perception 1978. Computationaldistinctionsof vocabularytype. Doctoral dissertation . BradleyD , MIT . of derivationalrelation. In M. Aronoff BradleyD . 1980. Lexicalrepresentation . Saratoga and M-L. ), Juncture , Calif. Cole, R. , and Jakimik, J. 1980. A model of speechproduction. In R. A. : LEA. ), Perception . QuarterlyJournalof Database Coltheart, M.

1983. Recognizing morphemesin spoken words: Someevidencefor a stem- organizedmental lexicon. In G. B. Flores d' Arcais and R. J. ), The Processof LanguageUnderstanding. New York : Wiley . Lehiste, I . 1972. The timing of utterancesand linguistic boundaries. Journal of the Acoustical Society of America 51 :2018- 2024. Luce, P. 1984. A computational analysis of optimal discrimination points in auditory word recognition. Researchon SpeechPerception Progress Report (Indiana University) 10: 1- 8. Luce, P.

Toward the end of pry there will be cues involving duration and declination and signaling that the word is more likely to be a monosyllable, but these cues should cause less decisive changes in the activation levels of the two competing words than the presenceof a phone that unambiguously favors one of the competitors. The effectsof competition in auditory word recognition should be most easily demonstrableusing such monosyllables and comparing them with monosyllables that have no high-frequency competitor .

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