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By R. C. Kirkwood (auth.), R. C. Kirkwood, A. J. Longley (eds.)

Many environmental difficulties as a result of atmospheric, land and water toxins at the moment are largely understood. the combo of either greater know-how and legislative strain has ended in a discount in pollutants from commercial practices within the West in recent times. although, sustainable improvement depends on a brand new method of environmental defense - fresh expertise. This booklet is in elements. the 1st explores the ecological rules governing the functionality of ecosystems, maintain skill and biodiversity (Chapter 1) and the issues caused by atmospheric toxins (Chapter 2), water toxins (Chapter three) and land toxins (Chapter 4). for instance, there's expanding foreign difficulty that the combustion of fossil fuels is resulting in a rise within the degrees of carbon, sulphur and nitrogen gases which pollute the ambience of our planet. the improved degrees of carbon gases comparable to carbon dioxide can cause switch in our international weather and, in tum, bring about flooding and lack of low-lying coastal areas. moreover, the deposition of sulphur and nitrogen oxides is thought to be the reason for 'acid rain' which has resulted in lack of fish shares from upland lochs and harm to forestry plantations.

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The stratosphere lies immediately above the tropopause and is a zone of increasing temperature with increasing altitude until a maximum value of 273 K is reached at 50 km above the equator and mid-latitude regions. 3 If radiation were absorbed and then emitted evenly by the earth's surface it would be expected that there would be a steady decrease in temperature with increasing altitude throughout the atmosphere, as occurs in the troposphere. However, at the tropopause abrupt changes can be seen in 34 CLEAN TECHNOLOGY AND THE ENVIRONMENT the concentrations of some of the more important atmospheric trace constituents; water vapour levels drop sharply while ozone concentrations can increase by an order of magnitude within a few kilometres.

21. C. and Bell, G. (1992) Clean Synthesis of Effect Chemicals, AFRC-SERC Clean Technology Unit, Swindon, Wilts, SN2 lET. 22. H. R. (1992) Farming as an Engineering Process, AFRC-SERC Clean Technology Unit, Swindon, Wilts, SN2 lET. 23. O. (1991) The environmental fate of organic chemicals. In: Controlling Chemical Hazards (ed. P. G. Wells), Unwin Hyman, London, pp. 1~6. 24. Scheunert, 1. and Klein, W. (1985) Predicting the movement of chemicals between environmental compartments (air-water-soil-biota).

7 Emissions at the turn of the century were dominated by coal burning for heating and industry but as a consequence of the post-war economic boom in the 1950s emissions sharply increased as a result of power station emissions and increased oil consumption. 9 By 1979 Europe accounted for 44% and North America 24% of global anthropogenic emissions. 7 Since that date utilisation of flue gas desulphurisation and increased energy efficiency have resulted in decreases in 42 CLEAN TECHNOLOGY AND THE ENVIRONMENT emissions in many countries.

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