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By Jeff Mariotte

Aric, a half-elf with a unprecedented common skill with the psionic self-discipline often called “the Way,” needs to locate his position in an international governed via the tyranny of evil sorcerer kings, and ruled via the savage wilds of the Athasian wilderness, a global presided over via the unrelenting red eye of Dark Sun®.
When Aric is introduced right into a quest to look for a invaluable trove guns, he may really preserve his head down and dwell an easy life.  yet not anything is straightforward within the urban of Nibenay with it reclusive ruler referred to as the Shadow King. And in an international the place steel is the rarest of commodities, Aric’s “way” with steel is a good rarer talent.
Enlisted by way of the Shadow King himself to find this cache of steel weaponry, Aric heads into the wilderness with a treacherous band of adventurers.  Allegiances are confirmed and secrets and techniques are exposed. yet occasionally the secrets and techniques hidden by means of the sands of time may still stay undiscovered.
When Aric and his band discover an evil probably more than the Shadow King himself, it's a race opposed to time to work out who will harness its energy.

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That’s right,” Aric said after a moment. ” He waved a hand at his companions, three humans and a goliath. “Ruhm here can’t help attracting some notice, but you guys are all humans. You don’t know what it’s like to be a half-elf. Humans don’t trust you, elves don’t trust you, everyone thinks you’re aligned with the other side and would as soon slit your throat as say hello. Templars look for any excuse to enslave you. Attention? ” “Surely the events in Tyr—” Torus began. Aric cut him off with a scoffing noise.

Her brother,” Corlan whispered. “There’s something wrong with him. With his mind. ” “Time, time, time, time,” Pietrus echoed, stomping around in a tight square as he did. ” Rieve reached her brother and put her hands on his arm. He seemed to melt a little at that, his tensed muscles relaxing a bit. But he glowered at Corlan and Aric, and Aric was afraid he might come over and attack. How would he defend himself against Rieve’s brother, in their own home? It didn’t come to that, however. Rieve and Solyara flanked him, and then another woman entered the courtyard, this one closer to Tunsall’s age, with long silver hair bound in several places.

I had been out that night, and on my way home four elves saw me. They thought, because of the sword, that I was wealthy. Or else they just wanted the sword, I was never sure which. In any case, they tried to rob me, holding their own swords and daggers on me. “I drew my sword and went at them. I tell you, Ruhm, I was something to see. I wove a glittering web of steel. The longer the battle went on, the more it took me away, until I had become a fighting machine. I felt I was watching myself from a great height, yet I was in the middle of it, too.

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