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Bargains a historical past of the philosophy of time and a comparability of the methods of conceiving the temporal, targeting ecu philosophy and its effect the relationship among time and cash in Western civilization. Analyzes the social and political methods all for conceptions of time in ancien

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With a fundamentally Greek gesture, this proper finds its sense by reducing the amount of time in the Place of the City according to a topic presenting the con-gruency of the heteronomous figures of need, the com-parison of the singular terms of exchange as pure possibility of the One-same's difference from itself. The figure of chrematistics is henceforth prescribed, inscribed, within the alteration of the order of cobelonging, through the wild "temporalization" of the eventless reversibility of political space — a position of insubordination allowing the "scientific" modernity of its production, of its 10,1 dangerous infinity, to be foreseen.

Already the cosmological closure presents itself as meta-physical. Now look at Aristotle's final answer to our problem, namely: is time but a construction of the "soul's intellect" (psukhes nous), a "noumenon" or form of what can only happen en tei psukhef? Whether if soul did not exist time -would exist or not, is a question /aporesein/ that may fairly be asked; for if there cannot be someone to count /arithmesontos/ there cannot be anything that can be counted /arithmeton/ either, so that evidently there cannot be number; for number is either what has been counted /erithmemenon/, or what can be counted /arithmeton/.

This break, this opening, already falls as an effect whose apparatus can be readily summarized. As opposed to domestic economy, which, as a practical knowledge tied to a praxis limited to the time of the act, has its own end in itself, chrematistics appears as a poietic or productive science, turned toward the production of a work external to the agent, with no inferiority at all. 9 His very definition is at stake. Now, the quest for a definition of chrematistics undertaken in the Politics does not succeed: remaining shapeless, chrematistics will occupy no rank within the hierarchical order of knowledges and acts.

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