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By Stephen R. Lawhead

Born to rule even if born to rule, Aidan lives as a scribe in a distant Irish monastery at the some distance, wild fringe of Christendom. safe in paintings, contemplation, and desires of the broader international, a miracle bursts into Aidan's quiet lifestyles. he's selected to accompany a small band of clergymen on a quest to the farthest japanese reaches of the identified global, to the fabled urban of Byzantium, the place they're to give a gorgeous and expensive hand-illuminated manuscript, the e-book of Kells, to the Emperor of all Christendom. therefore starts an day trip by means of sea and over land, as Aidan turns into, through turns, a warrior and a sailor, a slave and a secret agent, a Viking and a Saracen, and at last, a guy. He sees extra of the area than such a lot males of his time, turning into an envoy to kings and an intimate of Byzantium's fabled Golden court docket. and eventually this valiant Irish monk faces the best trial that could confront any guy in any age: commanding his personal future.

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All my visions came trailing deep assurance of truth: what I had seen would happen. Time would prove it true. My death loomed before me as surely as the rising sun; I would go to Byzantium, and there I would die. I endured prayers in a welter of dread and disbelief. I kept thinking: Why? Why now? Why me? But it was no good; I knew from long experience that I would get no answer. I never did. Joining the others in the refectory after prayers, I broke fast on barley bread and boiled beef—a hearty meal to begin our journey.

Whoever it might be, I asked God to bless him richly and bring him every good thing. Then, taking up my bulga, I put the strap over my shoulder, left my cell, and joined the travelling party in the yard. The whole abbey had gathered to bid us farewell and see us on our way. The abbot and Master Cellach, who would go with us as far as the coast, stood talking to Ruadh and Taum. The bishop and visiting monks were assembled and ready to depart. I saw Brocmal and Libir, standing nearby, so took my place with them.

Yet, his step was strong and his eye keen as the eagle on the cambutta in his hand. This sacred symbol, fashioned in yellow gold atop his bishop’s staff, gleamed with a holy light in the midday sun, scattering the shadows as he passed. There were many monks with him—thirty altogether. I watched each one as he passed through the gate, and wondered which among them were The Chosen. I wondered also who carried the book. For, though I saw more than one bulga dangling from shoulder straps, I did not see any which I thought grand enough for the Book of Colum Cille.

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