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The aim and target of this paintings it to provide the pathology of mind tumors interpreted through its organic correlates. additionally, greater knowing of the various oncological and neuropathological difficulties of mind tumors in addition to greater realizing of neuro-imaging prognostic difficulties.

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U. u. life, no morphological change can be observed in the areas which have in the meantime developed from the ventricular zone. However, if cerebral fetal cells are put in culture after exposure to ENU in vivo, they demonstrate phenotypic modifications up to the development of tumors if they are transplanted into 5-1O-day-old rats [1549]. If brain cells obtained when the neoplastic transformation in vivo has reached the stage of microtumors are cultured, 36 Experimental Tumors it is still possible to find transformation in vitro [2357].

Solitare (1962) [2692], critically reviewing the problem in relation to a cerebral-cerebellar glioma, warned against the possibility that multiple foci are not distinct foci but appear so because of insufficient examination of the intervening nervous tissue, as others have [3134,146]. Still, it has recently been reiterated that the pathogenesis of multiple gliomas may be an expression of a true formation of multiple primary growths, of cont~mporaneous disturbance of development leading to coordinated tumors [2093], or of metastatic disseminations along CSF pathways [324].

This association has been considered as casual by some [288, 270, 87, 55, 924, I], while others considered the tumor as originating from the transfonnation of reactive glia [2476, 2284]. 4 Risk Factors: Epidemiological Data 23 288,2284,537,2419,55,1555], but in many cases this is not observed [1970,131,270,87,1798, 537]. It is also possible that the growing tumor obliterates the demyelinated areas. Oligodendrogliomas could originate from the proliferation of oligodendrocytes in the plaques [1235, 1712], but the rarity with which oligodendrogliomas are associated with multiple sclerosis would be inconsistent with the importance of oligodendroglial proliferation in the process of demyelination.

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