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By Dimitri Beskos, Giulio Maier

This quantity provides and discusses contemporary advances in Boundary aspect tools (BEM) and their strong mechanics functions in these parts the place those numerical tools end up to be the best resolution device. the purpose is to demonstrate those tools of their most modern kinds constructed over the past 5 to 10 years and reveal their benefits whilst fixing quite a lot of good mechanics difficulties encountered in lots of branches of engineering, reminiscent of civil, mechanical or aeronautical engineering.

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_l _l \ " l::'-'. _\ \ \ \ \. J. 0 m Figure 26. Geometry and discretization of scaled Koyna dam. Hatzigeorgiou & Besko (200 I d) Yazdchi et al. ( 1999) Figure 27. Darnage pattem of the dam. The sameproblern was also solved by Hatzigeorgiou and Beskos (200lb) by a D/BEMFEM scheme in the time domain. The D/BEM was used to model the dam with quadratic boundary and interior elements and the FEM to model the part of the foundation rock shown discretized in Fig. 26. In order to avoid wave reflections at the artificial FEM boundaries, viscous absorbing boundaries were placed there, as shown in Fig.

Meth. Engng. 40, 23852412. Pan, G. N. (1995), Dynamic response of finite sized elastic runways subjected to moving Ioads: a coupled BEM/FEM approach, Int. J. Num. Meth. Engng. 38, 3143-3166. , Okada, H. N. (1994), Nonlinear transient dynamic analysis of soil-pavement interaction under moving Ioad: a coupled BEM-FEM approach, Engng. Anal. Bound. Eiern. 14, 99112. D. E. (1994), Dynamic elastoplastic analysis by BEM/FEM, Engng. Anal. Bound. Eiern. 14, 51-63. D. E. G. Rammerstorfer (eds), Kluwer Academic Publishers, Dordrecht, 233-240.

0 .. ~............. 0 I 10. d/a ....................... 0 10. 0 Figure 18. Response of two massless foundations to Rayleigh wave - - Real part, - - - - Imaginary part, -II -- • -- Amplitude, -D- -D- Single foundation, Horizontal incident angle () H = 90 ° The same figure also depicts the amplitudes of ,1~ and ~ versus frequency for both the cases of two and one foundations. The effect of Cross-interaction is significant for small foundation separation and creates movements that do not exist for a single foundation.

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