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By Ann Senisi Scott, Elizabeth Fong

Physique buildings and serve as, 12E introduces you to the fundamentals required for the research of the human physique and the way it capabilities in a transparent and concise demeanour. This booklet takes you from a common creation to existence features, the terminology used to explain physique components and their destinations, to an total assessment of human improvement and physique strategies. ailments and problems are built-in inside every one physique procedure bankruptcy to hyperlink body structure with anatomy. Highlights and lines that emphasize scientific functions make studying enjoyable and fascinating.

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Record your answer. Step 4: Make a coronal cut. What does this type of cut demonstrate? Record your answer. ■ © Cengage Learning 2014 ■ Materials needed: modeling clay, tongue depressors, pencil, paper ChapTER 1 13 Introduction to the Structural Units 1-3 Lab Activity Anatomical Abdominal Regions ■ Materials needed: anatomical model of a torso; models of a gallbladder, liver, stomach, colon, and pancreas; pencil and paper Step 1: Place the organs correctly into the anatomical model. Step 2: Record the name of the abdominal region in which each of the organs is located.

Cengage Learning 2014 ■ Materials needed: paper cups, red or blue litmus paper, pH indicator scale paper, tap water, vinegar, liquid soap, tomato juice, nail polish remover, baking soda solution, milk, and lemon juice; a list of the solutions 28 CHAPTER 2 Chemistry of Living Things 2-2 Lab Activity Effects of Antacid on an Acidic Stomach ■ Objective: To determine the effectiveness of various antacid preparations or household remedies on an acidic stomach; the stomach under normal conditions has a pH of about 2 Step 1: Mix 1 oz of vinegar with 8 oz of water to make a solution that represents an acidic stomach.

Kinetic energy b. catalyst c. matter d. potential energy 2. Walking is an example of: a. catalyst b. kinetic energy c. matter d. potential energy 3. Water is classified as a(n): a. atom b. element c. mineral d. compound 4. Atoms of a specific element that have the same number of protons but a different number of neutrons are called: a. isotopes b. DNA c. RNA d. compounds 5. Sugar stored in the liver and muscle cells for energy is called: a. glucose b. glycogen c. fructose d. ribose 26 CHAPTER 2 6.

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