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It would appear that "Aristaios" was mistakenly substituted for "Aristoteles". (2) This person received the surname Battos because of his defective voice, an explanation counter to the hypothesis of Herodotos or the information in other sources that the founder of Kyrene was named Battos because battos was the Libyan word for "king". (3) The same person is said to be the son of King Grinnos of Thera (in Herodotos he is son of Polymnestos, not a king). (4) Grinnos is the one who asks the oracle of Delphi about the voice of Battos (a version unknown in, or unreconcilable with the other accounts).

As for length, the spectrum ranges from Herodotos's narrative of the Theraian migration to Kyrene to hints or brief explana­ tions. Between these two extremes are narratives of some extent telling a story in coherent and balanced fashion, and narratives from which details and even items have been omitted. The content depends largely 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 556 FGrH. 560 FGrH. 562 FGrH. 566 FGrH. 570 FGrH. 571 FGrH. 558 FGrH. 568 FGrH. FGrH ΙΠ B, 658. FGrH ΠΙ Β, 659. 10 INTRODUCTION 37 on the length. A longer text may, to be sure, include more items and details than a shorter one.

They moulded wax images and burnt them while they uttered the fol­ lowing imprecation all of them, having come together, men and women, boys and girls. 'May he who does not abide by this oath but transgresses it melt away and dissolve like the images, himself and his seed and his property. " I hope repetition here of the relevant texts (with some omissions), may be forgiven. The reader will appreciate the advantage of having before him all the differences between the primary and secondary sources.

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