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By Barry Tharaud

This translation of the ninth-century epic poem, thought of the 1st nice paintings of English literature, used to be initially meant for nonnative audio system of English with the purpose of lowering problems found in the outdated English kind.

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The noble woman greeted the men in the customary way: First she offered the cup to the lord of the Danes and bade the beloved king be glad in his beer-drinking; whereupon this famous and victorious king joyfully partook of the feasting and drinking. Then Queen Wealhtheow, a Helming princess, served every retainer, young and old, and offered each one in turn the costly goblet, until finally she brought the mead-cup to Beowulf. The ring-adorned queen greeted the Geatish warrior; sure-spoken and with dignity she thanked God for granting her wishhere was a trustworthy warrior to help against the deadly attacks of Grendel.

The leader of the Geats also trusted in the King of Glory, who favored him with such great might: He removed his chain-mail corselet, and took off the helmet from his head; he handed his engraved sword of finest steel to an attendant, and bade the thane keep watch over his arms. Then the noble warrior, Beowulf, spoke his boast before going to his bed: I count myself equal in prowess and deeds to the claims that Grendel boasts for himself. Therefore I will not slay him with sword and take away his life in this way, although I surely might do so.

An epic tells the story of a people or race during its origins or during some period of crisis. Originally, epics were composed orallyusually in a preliterate cultureand were sung by a bard accompanied by a lyre. This kind of oral epic is sometimes designated primary epic by scholars, to distinguish it from the more sophisticated secondary epic of literate societies. Primary epic is often anonymous and is not written down until centuries after its composition, while secondary epic is composed to be read rather than sung.

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