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Aristotle on strategy and Metaphysics is a set of recent and state of the art essays by means of favorite Aristotle students and Aristotelian philosophers on topics in ontology, causation, modality, essentialism, the metaphysics of lifestyles, average theology, and medical and philosophical technique. notwithstanding grounded in cautious exegesis of Aristotle's writings, the quantity goals to illustrate the continued relevance of Aristotelian principles to modern philosophical debate.

The members are Robert Bolton, Stephen Boulter, David Charles, Edward Feser, Lloyd Gerson, Gyula Klima, Kathrin Koslicki, E. J. Lowe, Fred D. Miller, Jr., David S. Oderberg, Christopher Shields, Allan Silverman, Tuomas Tahko, and Stephen Williams.

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But what is surprising, given the revival of interest in metaphysics, is how little the current generation of metaphysicians has done to overturn this assessment of the necessity and viability of metaphysics. For if metaphysics is ever to be more than a minority interest – let alone restored to its central position within the discipline – this assessment surely cannot stand. 4 The central theses are: (1) that metaphysics as traditionally conceived is indispensable to the philosophical enterprise; (2) that many non-trivial metaphysical claims can be justified without being “simply more science”; and finally (3) that accepted interpretations of mature scientific theory will occasionally have to be overturned on the basis of metaphysical reflection.

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