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I'm a Polarity scholar so this publication used to be a an excellent addition to my library. The illustrations are superb, very precise and transparent. The e-book arrived in excellent situation and in a well timed demeanour.

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THORACIC SPINE 59 The laminae are flat, rectangular, and taller than they are wide. They are stacked on and overlap each other like tiles on a roof. The transverse processes decrease in length from top to bottom (left), and those of T1 through T10 have anterior facets for articulation with the tubercles of ribs. The spinous processes are elongated, laterally compressed, and (again in contrast to the lumbal region) directed inferiorly (except for Tl 1 and T 1 2 ) . These characteristics help prevent hyperextension.

The vertebral holes stacked on top of each other form a bony pipe. This is the spinal canal, through which the spinal cord passes. The opening between the body The spaces between and the arch is called the pedicles of adjacent the vertebral foramen. vertebrae form a series As foramina of many of openings called vertebrae are lined up, intervertebral foramina. they form the vertebral As spinal nerves branch off canal through which the the spinal cord, they exit through spinal cord passes. these foramina.

Between the two: the the posterior area is the ischium ischio-pubic ramus. The anterior border has a number of depressions and protuberances, especially: the anterior superior iliac spine, the most forward part of the iliac crest, the anterior inferior iliac spine, the pubic tubercle. 46 THE TRUNK Seen from a three-quarter posterior view, we find the posterior border of the hip bone, which shows various protuberances and depressions, notably: posterior superior iliac spine posterior inferior iliac spine greater sciatic notch ischial spine lesser schiatic notch ischial tuberosity (bent part of the ischium).

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