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By Bruce M. Metzger

I actually love examining this. Checking passages from my devos to work out if there's any type of factor with the interpretation. A simple wisdom of historic Greek could be adequate for utilizing this source.

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9). 22, or whether qe,lete has been inserted by assimilation to ver. 36). 22) seems to presuppose the originality of o]n le,gete in Mark. On the other hand, however, the insertion of the clause may be regarded as a scribal amelioration, introduced in order to throw the onus for the use of the title “The King of the Jews” upon the high priests. The unique reading of B is probably to be explained as the result of accidental omission of o[n. On balance the Committee judged that the least unsatisfactory solution was to include the words in the text, but to enclose them within square brackets to indicate doubt that they have a right to stand there.

65–104, and E. J. Goodspeed, Journal of Biblical Literature, XXV (1905), pp. 58–78. A. Lukyn Williams (Adversus Judaeos [Cambridge, 1935], pp. D. 200. 3 Op. , p. 88. 4 Op. , p. 76. 5 Ibid. 6 F. C. Conybeare, “Three Early Doctrinal Modifications of the Text of the Gospels,” Hibbert Journal, I (1902–03), pp. 96–102. 7 See also F. Crawford Burkitt, Evangelion da-Mepharreshe, II (Cambridge, 1904), p. 265, and Theodor Zahn, Introduction to the New Testament, II (Edinburgh, 1909), p. 565, who agree in taking the words as a Jewish interpretation, and not as a Greek witness supporting the text of the Sinaitic Syriac.

14), have not prompted over-scrupulous copyists to make corrections. mi. 20). 2). 9 ver. 5. n tou/ ~Alfai,ou is included among the twelve. 30. 17). The omission of the words Page 68 regimen with ba,llei, could make no sense of them), or, more probably, accidental (occasioned by the repetition of the words oi=noj and avsko,j in close succession). 26 1 Sm 21 it was Ahimelech, not Abiathar, who was high priest when David ate the bread of the Presence. In order to avoid the historical difficulty, D W al omit evpi.

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