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By Joel B. Fowler, Michael A, Lind, Edward F. Zalewski

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Coils Used for Annealing Cycle Development Weight, lb Width, in. Thickness, in. 0420 55-Ton Charee Bottom Coz 2nd Coil 3rd Coil Top Coil Short Stack, 93-Ton Charge First four coils of 112-ton charge Table V. Comparison Between Tensile Properties of HFHH and HNX Annealed VITRENAMEL 2 DQSK Steel Sheet HFHH Yield St. (ksi) . 013 I U Tensile St. (ksi) U Elong. 020 from HNX annealed product. Note in particular the generally lower variability and significantly improved average plastic strain ratio (R, value, a measure of sheet formability) of the HFHH annealed product.

If you need more information, contact the National Industrial Sand Association in Silver Spring, MD. Diesel Exhaust Health Hazard The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) issued a Current Intelligence Bulletin in August, 1988, advising us that diesel exhaust should be regarded as a potential occupational carcinogen on the basis of evidence from available studies, and employers should take steps to limit worker exposure to the greatest extent feasible. S. Workers who are likely to be exposed include mine workers, bridge and tunnel workers, railroad workers, loading dock 438 workers, truck drivers, forklift drivers, farm workers, and auto, truck, and bus mechanics.

These regulations severely controlled both the amount of nickel present and the overall purity of the wastewater coming out of the enameling facilities. The new nonickel, no-pickle glasses were characterized by high levels of adherence promoting materials such as nickel, cobalt, copper, manganese, and iron oxides smelted into the glass. Although pickle-free systems offered substantial cost savings (energy and chemical usage, reduction in operations and labor), an increase in productivity, and the elimination of sophisticated wastewater treatment facilities, they did not initially provide all of the physical and chemical properties of conventional ground coats.

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