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Gonda • Medieval Religious Literature exalted deity spreading love and joy by her continuous playful behaviour. Krsna, while being the 'source' of this joy and this sport, is her adorer. As his eternal partner she inspires him with love: the theme was already central in Jayadeva's masterpiece, the Gitagovinda101 (12th century) and was readily adopted by later Bengal poets. In propagating their views among the masses the Radha vallabhi poets were much inclined to conform to the rules and traditions of refined literary Sanskrit.

147 Lalla-vakyani, edited with translation etc. by G. D. BAENETT, London 1920. 148 Cf. BAT!. 4, 5, 6 and Mahesvarananda, Maharthamanjarl 55. 34 J. Gonda • Medieval Religious Literature However, man's love and the grace of God on which it depends form an endless circle: Utpaladeva 16, 21: "Thou art only satisfied, O Lord, by love and there is no love when Thou art not satisfied. 149 But bhakti is, Bhatta-Narayana says (88): "the best eye-salve to make the eye of Wisdom, blinded by the impurity of the evil of delusion, sighted".

Compare also DASGTJPTA and D E , op. cit. I, p. 774. 163 Cf. , p. K. D E , in NIA 9, p. 156. 164 Cf. DASGXJPTA, H . I . P h . I l l , p. 86; cf. p. I. 165 Cf. I. II, p. 161. II, p. 139. 38 J. Gonda • Medieval Religious Literature The impact of Western ideas and the borrowing of fragments of modernity could not, in the last two centuries, bring the literary activity in this field to an end nor reduce the circulation of hymns and eulogies to something like exhausted relics of tradition. Collections of bhalcti verses are no obsolete genre of literature.

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