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By Thomas Oberlies

The 2 nice epics of (old) India, the Mahabharata and the Ramayana, are written in a language, which differs from so-called classical Sanskrit in lots of information. either texts nonetheless are of an immense significance in India and different international locations. due to this, a grammar describing the entire varied features of epic Sanskrit has been overlooked formerly. The Grammar of Epic Sanskrit will now shut this hole.

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See WACKERNAGa, KI. Sch. p. 372. 1)uEMc, as quoted byOBERUES (I995a: 129), proposes instead fhat the starting pamt may have been fpsu(ko)-, which likewise developed fO ·lIcchuA:Q-. • , • See LODERS, Phil. 44-47. Cf. 21. See LOOERS ( 1941). See OBERUES (1991). • See BURROW ( 1980/81 : 439-442). See LOOERS, Phil. Ind. p 179-183. See BERGER ( 1966). LlU - lntroduction - The vocabulary of the Epicsl is as variegated as its grammar. The main elemcnt are words inherited from Vedic Sanskrit, but there is an Indo­ European sediment of words not to be found in Vedi� (aliila- 'fire-brand', ki{/o- 'callous, scar" ';khmij 'to limp', ';Iarj 'to menace'l, ';"rtf) 'to feel ashamed,4.

1-3). Metrical pressure conditioned also a nwnber of'irregular' (non-)sal1dhis. (Almost) all cases of (a) hiatus (.... 1 . 1 . 1 . 1 - 1 . 7), of (b) sandhi of pra­ grhY{l vowels (.... 3) and of (e) double sandhi (.... 8) can be explained as due to fixed parla-Iength. a' type ofthe Iri$(ubJI see ElXiERTON ( 1939: 163). , ) • , There are a 101 of examples for this lengthening achieved by the transfer ofi- to ,. stenls (.... 3). ubll. Pacta a of tbis stanza has ucila{l. See AiGr. lJ, 1 § 43b n1m.

9. madhu-, m. ). 2. malllra. n. ), Mbh 3,610 •. 1, mohtihllu/o-, m. 52\ rolrO-, n. 7, \'oktra-, m. ), R 5 , 1 . 1 16). v. a- (4aJ). v ). ) . lI,1 § 15a. XL - Introduction - 1'01110-, n. ). 45, ,'igroha-. n. 39, l-idhtfno-. nl. 32, \'jrudh-, min. 23, I'airo- m. 277-, "'rrr/a-, mIn. ( .... 32, laMa- n. ). 36, \(ikharo-, m. ). faya-, n. U{lrgo-. n. , ibid 24), sofJI1ona-, n. ). 63, SfllJ'lttIpo-, n. 16, somolla-, n. , n. 83 (-stJgara�. 6,96-), slfllU-, m. 26, X1rika-, m. 14, sud·, mIn. 2, 5101'0-, n.

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