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By Ed Greenwood

Aglirta is called the Kingless Land. as soon as a filthy rich and peaceable river valley, it has fallen into lawlessness, and its feuding baronies are engaged in a relentless country of struggle. however the land is kingless not more, for the napping King of legend, King Kelgrael, has been reawakened through the efforts of the valiant Band of Four:- Hawkril, a daring and courageous warrior talented with nice power and fortitude- Craer, the artful and smart thief- Sarasper, the discovered and clever healer and final yet now not least- woman Embra Silvertree, the paranormal girl of Jewels, a robust sorceressYet peace has no longer again. within the Kingless Land, excessive magic and wizard kings stood within the means, whereas within the Vacant Throne, civil wars and backstabbing barons resisted the recovery of order. Now, a robust warlord involves front to take keep an eye on via army may perhaps, whereas the diabolic minions of the Serpent circulation into place for a climactic conflict that would scar the Band of 4 perpetually.

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Use another cloak to carry any decent boots you see; they're worth good coin. " Embra snorted. " The procurer turned to her with wide eyes and spread hands. "What, Lady Baron Overduke? Is this collecting not exactly what I'd be doing, were Raulin not with us? " Despite the high sun beating upon the road where an increasingly white-faced youth gingerly plucked daggers from sheaths-and then collected those sheaths, and the belts that went with them, too, under the harsh tongue and helping hands of Overduke Delnbone—two bats clung, awake and aware, to the same tree limb.

And Blackgult has another two of these, doesn't he? I'm almost forced to conclude he had something to do with Cath's death. " The smoke spun more swiftly, and out of its coils something came undulating, something long and dark and smooth-scaled: a Vale viper! Yet no Vale viper had ever boasted small, fluttering wings behind its head, and more down its length, gently beating amid the smoke. " He brought his hand forward as if hurling a stone into a pool—and the blue smoke roared around in a spiral, racing away in howling fury to an otherwhere lost in the shadows beyond his study door—and taking his flying snake with it.

Flaeros protested, dancing in fearful indecision, torn between fleeing and not daring to leave the reassuring safety of the Smiling Wolfs blade. " Glarsimber said, eyes never leaving the advancing cadavers. "Can't you see it from a distance, lad? " "I-uh-" The silver-tongued bard Flaeros was still struggling for words when the first Melted reached Glarsimber-and swung its blade with a vicious speed that was astonishing for something that tottered along with such faltering, stumbling strides. But the Smiling Wolf wasn't there.

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