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By M. Winkleman, Michael A. Winkelman

Investigations into how the mind really works have resulted in awesome discoveries and those findings hold profound implications for studying literature. This research applies contemporary breakthroughs from neuroscience and evolutionary psychology which will deepen our figuring out of John Donne's Songs and Sonnets.

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Chapter 2, “The Composing of ‘A Jeat Ring Sent,’ or Donne as Thinker and Imaginator,” assays a neurolinguistic close reading of Donne engaged in crafting a single lyric poem, from conception to the resultant text. ” The second part encompasses Chapters 4–8, and seeks to interweave Biology and Literature. Chapter 4, “‘John Donne, Anne Donne, Vn-done’? 18 A C O G NIT IVE AP P ROACH TO SONGS AND S ONNETS A Biocultural Reassessment of Their Scandalous Marriage,” uses evolutionary psychology and anthropology to reinterpret Donne’s relationship to the young daughter of a gentleman he secretly wed and his writings about her.

254–56). ”36 Hamlet and Satan speak for us all: they vividly capture subjectivity. I believe these metacognitive reflections are important in getting at a fundamental part of our shared humanity; understanding imaginative OF ME TAP HORS AND MINDSCAPES 33 literature and each other is based on mutual recognition of such mindscapes. This element of Theory of Mind is being confirmed by the latest findings in neuroscience. This comparison is not the sum of psychological awareness, but it seems nearly indispensable for a sophisticated concept of personhood.

After years of experience in which he composed “more thankfull Sonnets . . to love,” read loads of vernacular authors, and “applied himself to an incessant study of Textual Divinity,” he was deeply impressed by poetry’s paradoxical power (Image, 19; Walton, 46). 11 Indeed, something so fundamental that it can almost appear to be hidden in plain sight is that language makes suasion possible. Humans employ “rhetorique” all the time: to inveigle, warn, coax, convince, induce, beg, spin, etc. It is certainly far too big a field to do justice to here, but a couple of basic points may be made.

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