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B) saw d) seeing 27 a) speak b) spoke c) spoken d) speaked A R R I V E IN/A - REGULAR AND I R R E G U L A R VERBS 1. The children haven't yet. a) come b) came c) coming d) comed 11. She .... me yesterday's newspaper. a) give b) gave c) given d) gived 2. Have you a) seed c) seen 12. I my new book? b) sawed d) seing some francs in the bank. a) change b) changed c) changes d) changing 13. She arrived ... the meeting ten minutes early. a) at b) in c) to d) — 3. He arrived .... the meeting just in time.

With me, please. 8. ' a) hope that yes b) hope yes c) think that yes d) hope so 18 9. ' a) that yes b) yes c) so d) if a) come b) come you c) you come d) comes making that noise! a) You stop b) Stops you c) Stop you d) Stop 19. ' ' ' a) I'm afraid so b) I fear yes c) I'm afraid yes d) I fear that yes 20. ' ' ' a) I don't hope so b) I hope that not 10. Susan, so many things! a) don't buy b) buy c) buy not d) buy no c) I hope not 37 d) I don't hope IMPERATIVE - I THINK SO ETC. ' a) afraid b) afraid not c) don't afraid d) don't afraid so 11.

I'm afraid she a) shan't c) will 6. Do you think that in June. a) you'll c) to 7. 'Will you go go ... ' a) by/by c) on/by come in time. ' 'No, I think I'll b) on/on d) by/on 8. ' a) do you do b) did you do c) will you do d) do you will 11. Hey, boys, .... we go to the beach tomorrow? a) will b) shall c) do 12. Mary, a) will c) shall d) did we go to the cinema? b) do d) did 13. We early tomorrow. a) will finish b) finish will c) did finish d) shall finished 14. The children a) did eat c) shall eat all the cake.

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